Portland is a playground for cyclists.  There's so much to see outside of inner Portland and you can get there without being harassed by motorists or riding through stretches of strip malls and Arby'ses.  Ever since we started leading bike tours of NE Portland we've dreamed about leading tours of further out places like Marine Drive, Smith and Bybee Lakes,  St. Johns, Sauvie Island, Mt Tabor, and Sellwood to name a few.  Everyone who's taken one of our tours has absolutely loved them and we wish we could take them further out, but in the interest of keeping our tours affordable, for the moment we're keeping it close.  When you get your bike, feel free to get our thoughts on some cool off-the-beaten-path places further out.   There's more to Portland than beer and donuts (and cider and coffee and vegan donuts and bacon and rapid gentrification).  So get out there and see what we've got!