• BLEND IN AS A LOCAL- The best way to explore the wonderland that is Portland is by bicycle.  A bike allows you to thoroughly explore Portland, the bicycle capital of N. America, on your terms. 
  • BIKE TOURS of the best OFF THE BEATEN PATH SPOTS in N and NE Portland.  We love showing visitors our favorite spots.  Let us guide you through the unique, quirky, delicious, and beautiful non-touristy spots in our part of town.  
  • WE HAVE A HUGE SELECTION of more than 100 safe, fun, and practical bikes that have been lovingly built and refurbished to their former glory (and often beyond)!  All bikes come with lights, lock, helmet, bike map, and awesome recommendations. 
  • CONVENIENTLY LOCATED IN NE PORTLAND, we're a 5 minute walk from NE Alberta and N Williams / Vancouver, and a 15 minute walk from N. Mississippi Ave. 

Check out our story from goat-farm basement startup to a globally known resource for urban biking!