Q: Why rent from EVERYBODY'S when there's BIKETOWN?

A: BIKETOWN (Portland's bike share) is a great choice for commuting to work or to the grocery store for folks who live in apartments where bike storage is unavailable.  It's also great for strong riders who don't mind the challenge of a 57-pound bicycle.  

But If you want to EXPLORE PORTLAND on a lightweight & unique bike that's fit specifically to you with good lights & a helmet, without limitations, time constraints, or hidden fees, we're here for you.  

We're passionate about introducing visitors to the REAL PORTLAND and what it means to live in a progressive city with developed bike infrastructure.  

We're glad to share our knowledge with you about cool off-the-beaten-path spots, things you're interested in, and safe, interesting routes.  

Here's a breakdown of Our Bikes vs. Biketown


  • $25 / 24Hrs UNLIMITED ride time

  • Great for exploring everywhere & anywhere

  • Many sizes & types of bikes that are fit to your height & specific needs

  • Unlimited riding time and distance

  • Bikes weigh 17-30 pounds

  • Free helmet & useful lights

  • No hidden fees

  • Locally-owned business that began in a goat-farm basement

  • You'll look like a hip local

  • Rent from knowledgeable locals who are stoked on you having the best Portland experience possible. Dan, David and Jonathan have lived in Portland for their whole adult lives and know some pretty cool stuff to do.

  • Check out our reviews here, here, & here


BIKETOWN bikeshare

  • $.08/minute, $4.80/hour, $57.60/12 hours

  • Great for short trips, "point A to point B"

  • One size fits all

  • Limited service area, 30 minute hold time

  • Bikes weigh 57 pounds

  • No helmet & dim lights

  • $10 to lock up out of service area.

  • Paid for by NIKE, owned by Lyft, operated by Uber

  • Rent from a kiosk or bike rack.

  • Check out the reviews here

Q: Do your tours go downtown?

A: Nope! Our tours explore N & NE Portland: the heart of Portland's progressive, artistic, vibrant community.    The best coffee, parks, beer, food, art, music venues, and doughnuts are on the East Side!  We've got urban farms, tons of food carts, hip vintage shops, witchy apothecaries, Victorian dessert houses, vegan GF bakeries, farm-to-table restaurants, and much more. We’re glad to show you a good route downtown after your tour is over so that you can explore on your own, taking advantage of your FREE 24-HR bike rental.

Q: How do I get downtown?

A:  If you don't mind navigating traffic and train tracks we're glad to tell you the fastest route to Voodoo Doughnut. But seriously, there's some really cool stuff downtown like the PSU farmer's market, Powell's City of Books, and the Chinese Garden that are worth checking out. We'll tell you how to get there!  It's easy and semi-safe.  but don't spend all your time on the West Side.  

Q: Can I bring my bike back after you close?

A: Yes! Sort of!  You're welcome to bring your bikes back in the morning and lock them up before we open, but we strongly recommend not bringing them back and locking them outside the shop after we close. You are still responsible for the bike overnight and we dislike charging folks for stolen bikes/wheels/etc. though such occurrences are rare.

If locking your bike outside the shop after we close is your only option, we will gladly provide you with an extra cable lock to secure both wheels.  We will explain the procedure for "before-hours" drop off and we have a key drop that we will show you when you rent your bike.  

Q: Do your bikes come with lights, lock, helmet, bike map, flat kit, rain gear, and excellent suggestions on where to ride?

A: Yes.

Q: Is there a bathroom here?

A: Yes, all the way in the back!

Q: Can I bring my own saddle and pedals?

A: Absolutely!

Q: Are all expenses taken care of on the tours?

A: Yes! Our tours are all inclusive, but feel free to bring cash for gratuities if your guide is great (they will be!) and to buy one of our rad shirts!

Q: Can I leave my bag/suitcase there while I ride?

A: Yes, we usually have space for your stuff and will do all we can to accommodate you. 

Q: Do you have front racks for touring with 4 panniers?

A: Yes!  We can install a front rack on most of our touring bikes (with a reservation) so you can carry even more gear. 

Q: Can I ride my bike to San Francisco and ship it back to you?

A: Yes!  We recommend taking it to a shop that ships and having them pack it up rather than doing it yourself.   It generally costs around $110.  

Q: Whoa, where did you get all these bikes?

A: The majority of our 120 bikes started as frames purchased from the Community Cycling Center and built up with components bought at CCC,  bike swaps, and online.  95% of our fleet of unique bikes are built up from bare frame so that they will ride comfortably and smoothly!  We're proud to support CCC and their mission to empower folks from all backgrounds and get them on bikes. 

Q: I thought you guys were housed in a goat farm!  What happened?

 A: We started out in the basement of the Goat Haus, but y'all enjoyed our bikes so much that we had to move to our current storefront location.  The goats are still there baaing their hearts out and our bikes are free of alfalfa dust.